Renovation and New Build

We realise that quality is the cornerstone of the perfect handover. That’s why a qualified Quantity Surveyor will compile our estimates and you will have direct access to senior management at all stages of the project.

Plans and needs can change. It would be great to work to completion on a fully finished project when all the other trades have left. But we know that life isn’t like that, so we will work around last minute hitches and still aim to deliver our normal high quality finish.

We will work with the other trades on site to help meet the project deadlines and we will do everything we can to make sure your customer is happy with the final result.

A Decorare decorator works punctually and diligently; meeting all health and safety standards, providing you with site risk assessment and methods statement.

We would be delighted to meet your client to discuss any specific requirements they may have and advise them on the most appropriate materials to use. Our aim is to complete each project within the timescale and estimates that have been agreed and we will commit whatever resources are necessary to achieve this.

Reliability. Honesty. And skill. These are the foundations that help us to keep building this area of our business.